NEA Leadership

NEA Leadership elections are held every other year at the Annual Meeting in May. This 2022-2023 NEA Leadership Team was elected May 18, 2022.


Caren Firger 

Vice President for Negotiations:

Mike Hirsh

Vice Presidents for Rights and Responsibilities:

Jill Krajewski (Unit A Middle and High School, Unit B, and Unit D)

Laura Marinak (Unit A Elementary, Unit C, and Unit E)

Vice President for Membership:

Raylene Roberts

Vice President for Communications:

Christopher Dancy

Vice President of Finance:

David Bookston

Vice President of Treasury:

Paula Hartigan-Patey 


Political Action Liaison:

Sue Doherty


Unit Leaders serve as a resource for our Building Representatives who may have questions or need guidance on a specific issue, or when an issue rises to a higher level of attention.

Unit A Leaders:

Lauren Downey

Sue Nealon

Unit B Leader:

Patrick Gallagher

Unit C Leader:

Marcy Spink

Unit D Leaders:

Dana Langley

Jean McDavitt

Unit E Leader:

Steve Farrell